IVHQ Tanzania Orphanage Project

Sub-Saharan African countries are suffering from a huge number of orphans left behind after their parents die from illnesses such as HIV/AIDS resulting in a larger number of orphanages in Tanzania. In many cases, parents are simply unable to provide for their children and many children have been abandoned in the streets. Sometimes kind neighbors take these children in, but their kindness proves to be a big strain on their survival. This is why organizations like IVHQ work with local Tanzanian communities to provide orphanages to help feed, educate and interact with the children.

Child-care and Orphanage Support

Volunteer duties at the Orphanage include some of the following:

  • Organizing and entertaining between 10-60 children aging from 4-14 years old
  • Helping with the general maintenance of the orphanage
  • Teaching the children cultural activities and arts & crafts
  • Playing games and sports with the children
  • Cleaning and doing laundry
  • Basic administration duties
  • Cooking and distributing meals

Why I Chose This Opportunity

Changing A Child’s Life

When I learned about the efforts of IVHQ in Tanzania, my mind was instantly made to attend this program. Children are the closest thing to heaven, and these kids have suffered so much at an early age. Abandonment issues are dear to my heart and I’ve had to learn a lot about coping with abandonment from a parent and its taken me a long time to heal. So this program is a perfect fit and a natural urge to soothe and comfort these children in their loss and help them feel supported as the move forward in life.

Getting Back to Child’s Play

Remember when nothing mattered but our childlike freedom? To run, to play, to giggle and have a good time? Kids know how to live and I’m looking to fully embrace my inner child. She’s been locked away from years of running two businesses and she wants to be set wild! I’m hoping to learn some of the secrets to constant play and inspire others to treat their own inner children to a fun day every now and then.

Taking A Cue From A Child’s Positivity

The great thing about kids is that they can always smile no matter how tough life gets. I don’t know if its their innocence or what, but children always know how to look on the bright side. This is something us adults tend to forget as we get saddled with responsibility and life. What a great reminder of positivity! I hope to really soak up and learn from these kids how to see the glass as half full on a fundamental level.