The First Reaction- What’s Yours?

A funny thing has occurred to me about the announcement of my trip to Africa for 6 months to a year; everyone has such a different reaction to the news!

Some people in an effort to make sure I’m vaccinated and taking my malaria pills tell me horror stories of friends of friends who had a terrible experience. Some people initially jump for joy but then interrogate me for a few minutes to ensure I’m educated about the political climate and will be safe and sound on the trip. Others are strangely curious but hold back any emotion and sort of stare at me like a deer in headlights. Sometimes its just crickets…lots of crickets… lol. And finally some are overwhelmed with love and excitement for me.

What I’ve learned about all of these reactions is that everyone is truly on their own journey with their own belief systems that dictate fears or excitement. This initial response is a great barometer of what belief systems are holding and shaping our own adventurous spirit. For example, if your initial reaction was one of  worry for me, fear, hope for my safety, etc., it would be safe to say that one or all of these emotions are in charge of your life right now. Is fear preventing you from moving forward with something that you’ve always wanted to do/try? Is the worry that things won’t work out a theme in other areas of your life? Or are you prone to the deer in headlights reaction… or crickets! Are there crickets in your life?

Or perhaps you were one of the many who jumped for joy and excitement? But then what emotion came up when you thought of yourself embarking on a similar adventure? Fear? Remorse? Jealousy? Responsibility? Un-deservingness? Or joy? Love?

Its worth the effort to look at how your initial reaction to this trip is a thread throughout other areas of your life. You might just surprise yourself on what is really fueling your life and dreams and what is really holding you back. Belief is truth in the mind. So what is your truth? What are you choosing to believe in?

The goal to be a more conscious person is to let go of all ideas and belief systems that hold us back from being the big beautiful beings we are. Most of our belief systems are shaped in childhood and given to us by our parents, friends, teachers and society. Most of these belief systems are not truth. But they feel like truth. So the idea is to uncover what we are believing is Truth but is really fear, worry, apprehension, etc. And then let it go!  Trust in the universal laws and follow your heart. That is where TRUTH resides.

What was your reaction to this adventure? Write a comment and let me know!



3 Responses to "The First Reaction- What’s Yours?"

  1. My Dear Friend!
    This is so BOLD!!! I love it! It’s a journey we can all take with you to see ourselves in the mirror of our own lives. Well written and powerful for the “one” and the “one” inside the “one”
    My move to LONDON was the best thing I could ever have done for myself. I realized which I never did before that “I EXIST” “I AM” and that I hold a very important part along with everyone else in the EXISTENCE sense time began. Trillions of years ago…Dang I’m getting old! I’m so proud of you!
    You’re going to LOVE what your higher self has to show you!!! With Love and encouragement!! ~A

    • alex55 says:

      Thank you so much Alexandra!!! I can’t wait to share all of my adventures with you! Thanks again for all your love and support. You are such an amazing women (even if you are trillions of years old! lol) and I’m honored with your love and light! xoxoxoxo!

  2. Jackie says:

    Mine is excitement for you! I’m so excited to hear about all your adventures… then again I’m going to miss hanging out with you and reeling off your wonderful energy. Love you! Can’t wait to read your next post!

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