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Several Donation Options!

A gift of any size supports my mission to anchor in love across the globe. Please visit to donate. I’ve created several different options including the following donation amounts: $22, $44, $88, $111, $222. ANYTHING is so very much appreciated! Please support me on my path! Thank you so much in advance from the bottom of my heart!!!

Sponsor A Day & Get Your Own Personalized Video

After doing all the math, I realized that it will cost me about $222/day to go on this adventure. This average includes all flights, expenses, fees, visas, etc. It’s amazing that “222″ is the amount as this is the number of the Archangel Raphael, who supports perfect healing! So I’m offering a really cool opportunity for those of you who want to sponsor your own day in my adventure! If you sponsor a day of this adventure for only $222, in my gratitude I will make a short video showcasing what your donation supported. For example, I would make a video showing a day at the orphanage with the kids saying hi to you and thanking you! I will place this video on my blog so you can view how your small donation made the world a better place. Its great because you can feel like you are on my trip with me and in a big way, you are! :)

Other Ways To Support Me

Join Me On A Leg Of The Trip

I would love, love, love to share this adventure with you and I encourage all my friends and family to see if they can schedule it in! Its a commitment to come to Africa, Australia or Nepal, but I think you will have the most amazing time. If you feel called to come on a part of the trip, contact me here and let me know what time you are thinking of coming. I’ll email you back with the details of where I will be! Can’t wait!

Read My Blog and Spread The Word

One of the best ways to share this experience is to send links of this blog to as many people as you can! I will be uploading tons of videos and posts and I ask that you pass it along so that it can touch as many people as possible. Sometimes just reading something can move someone into an enlightened state. I thank you so much in advance for doing the social media spreading that I won’t be able to do while I’m on my trip…. with the scarcity of Internet and all. lol.

Write Me Thoughts of Strength And Love on This Blog

Since my Internet and phone connections will most likely be spotty in most of the areas I am going to, commenting on my blog posts is probably the easiest way for us all to stay in contact! Please feel free to express everything you want to express to me on the comment section of each post and I’ll for sure get it. I can’t make that same promise for facebook or email. But I am dedicated to this Blog!!!


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