The Costs

More Expensive Than You’d Think!

In my early enthusiasm to save the world, I overlooked the numerous costs involved in traveling and volunteering. I assumed I just had to show up and start to volunteer. As a ‘volunteer’, you are volunteering your time, so you shouldn’t have to pay for it…right? Well not exactly…

Aside from the expected traveling costs (airfare, daily meals, accommodation), I’ve discovered there are many unforeseen costs that I had not budgeted for, including vaccines, malaria medication, actual volunteer organization fees and more.

Most international volunteer programs require a volunteer fee. Usually this fee is the monetary funding these organizations have or can legally ask for. The volunteer fees are vital to the existence of the many conservation and outreach programs, especially in Africa and without these organizations, many important humanitarian efforts would not exist  So naturally I feel compelled to support them.

So in my effort to raise awareness and funding for these programs and also for various other expenses, I’m rallying my friends and family to open up their hearts to my efforts. I would like to raise enough money to cover all the volunteer fees and other required expenses. This also allows for the many wonderful people who want to come on the trip with me but are unable, the opportunity to be a part of this adventure!

If you would like to help support these organizations and my adventure, please DONATE here. There are several options you can choose from. I would love to bring you with me on this trip! Thank you so much for your consideration and your beautiful generosity! xoxo!

Below is a list of all the costs required for the next 6-months.

A Breakdown Of A Few Volunteer Costs:

Volunteer Fee Costs:

  • Noah’s Ark in Namibia (2-weeks): $1495
  • IVHQ Orphanage Tanzania (2-weeks): $858.50
  • Wildlife ACT in South Africa (2-weeks):$1496.00
  • Kenya Project (2-weeks): still being determined
  • Dolphin Discovery in Perth Australia (4-weeks): $2500

Total Volunteer Fees: over $6300

Vaccine Costs:

  • Yellow Fever (required for Kenya/Tanzania): $145.00
  • Hepatitis A (transferred through food and water): $95.00
  • Rabies (required for work with Animal Conservation): $885.00
  • Typhoid Fever (transferred through food and water): $125.00

Total Vaccination Costs: $1250

Flight Costs:

  • One-way flight to South Africa: $1300
  • Flight to Namibia: $524.00
  • Flight to Tanzania: $1800
  • Flight to Richard’s Bay: $490
  • Flight to Australia: $1100

Total Flight Costs: $5214


Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb (purely tourist):

  • Climb Cost: $4260
  • Equipment Rental: $250

Total Kilimanjaro Climb Costs: $4510