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On A Mission To Make The World A Better Place

Born Alexandria Masterson, meaning ‘helper of mankind’, Alex has always had a humanitarian spirit from the time she was very young. At the age of 21, Alex created BitchBoards®, a women’s specific snowboarding company created out of her desire to support women’s interest in a male-dominated sport. Alex recognized that there was a lack of awareness around women in the industry and created a product line to support the fashionable and functional needs of female snowboarders. Success reached her quickly and she won prestigious awards including the world-recognized sports tradeshow ISPO BrandNew Award for Style & Design in Hardgoods. BitchBoards® reached international distribution in regions like Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Canada and Russia. Alex mastered the import/export business and international manufacturing as her business grew.

At the same time, Alex also co-ran a successful family advertising agency Masterson Creative for 8 years with her father. Here she was responsible for national and international advertising campaigns and spearheaded most of the creative design, website design and art direction for large scale and boutique companies alike. She has personally launched the careers of many entrepreneurs and small business start-ups as a very intuitive and experienced consultant.

With everything that Alex has accomplished there was still something yearning inside of her for more. Alex spent the last 2 years focused on her own personal and spiritual development. She has studied with numerous coaches, healers, and teachers and made the hardest decision of her life to leave both businesses behind in hope of making a difference on a grander scale.

Alex has found her true calling which is to share what she has learned with others to help them bring their gifts to the world. She has connected with an inner calling to work with people nationally and on an international level. Alex stands for truth within herself and helping others find their own truth and personal power.

Beginning in December 2012, Alex has decided to go on a year-long adventure to the front lines of humanities most difficult issues, including the HIV/Aids epidemic in Africa, Sex Trafficking in Nepal and Animal Conservation world wide. Her journey begins in the Yucatan of Mexico to kick off the new Mayan Calendar. Shortly after she will depart to Africa and begin her volunteering for the course of a year.

She has always been a risk taker and has taken her adventurous side and healing work to whole another level with blogging about her experience.  Please follow Alex’s blog and friend Alex Masterson on Facebook. She is making bold moves to inspire all that cross her path.  Alex believes with every moment we have an opportunity to impact others by what we say and do.   How can you impact some else’s life today?

The Ways You Can Support Alex

Donate To My Cause

A gift of any size supports my mission to anchor in love across the globe. You can even sponsor your own day in my adventure! If you sponsor a day of this adventure for only $222, in my gratitude I will make a short video showcasing what your donation supported. For example, I would make a video showing a day at the orphanage with the kids saying hi to you and thanking you! I will place this video on my blog so you can view how your small donation made the world a better place. Its great because you can feel like you are on my trip with me and in a big way, you are! :)

Join Me On A Leg Of The Trip

I would love, love, love to share this adventure with you and I encourage all my friends and family to see if they can schedule it in! Its a commitment to come to Africa, Australia or Nepal, but I think you will have the most amazing time. If you feel called to come on a part of the trip, contact me here and let me know what time you are thinking of coming. I’ll email you back with the details of where I will be! Can’t wait!

Read My Blog and Spread The Word

One of the best ways to share this experience is to send links of this blog to as many people as you can! I will be uploading tons of videos and posts and I ask that you pass it along so that it can touch as many people as possible. Sometimes just reading something can move someone into an enlightened state. I thank you so much in advance for doing the social media spreading that I won’t be able to do while I’m on my trip…. with the scarcity of internet and all. lol.

Write Me Thoughts of Strength And Love on This Blog

Since my Internet and phone connections will most likely be spotty in most of the areas I am going to, commenting on my blog posts is probably the easiest way for us all to stay in contact! Please feel free to express everything you want to express to me on the comment section of each post and I’ll for sure get it. I can’t make that same promise for facebook or email. But I am dedicated to this Blog!!!

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